Dunes holiday house

Dunes holiday house

On this page we will talk about a place which used to be perfect for a good and healthy rest.

Do not confuse it with the Dunes health resort which is located in a relatively close proximity.

Just a few years ago, in Leningrad region between the Sestroretsk and Solnechny resorts there was a marvelous holiday house called Dyuny. It was located at 1a, 41st km of Primorskoye highway.

In 2015, the holiday house buildings and, later, the whole land were purchased from the state by a juridical person. Who made this decision to sell the buildings to a private party and on what grounds still remains unclear. The new owner started pulling down the resort buildings, cutting down the park around them and proceeded with the construction of residential buildings.

Nevertheless, the problem was that it was illegal to build housing in this area. Under the general construction plan of Saint Petersburg, the land of the former holiday house on the gulf shore fell into TR3-2 area, meant for “tourist destinations and healthcare centers, hotels and holiday houses, and country sites with developed infrastructure”. In response to the Sestroretsk activists’ protest A.V. Grigoriev, the chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development of Saint Petersburg noted that “residential buildings in this area are not provided for by law”. Whereas State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service granted the real estate developer a construction permit which contains exactly the same heavily built-up area as the advertisement of the to-be residential complex. Only in the permit it is called not a “residential complex” but a “health resort institution”. That aside everything is almost the same and just a little refined with resort-related terminology: “19 residential buildings with a total capacity of 3,637 people, therapeutic-sanitary and rehabilitation center, cultural and educational center, child development center, indoor parking lot with 477 parking spaces” and so on.

Needless to say that “rooms” in these “residential buildings” will be sold and become property of those willing to buy them.

For Russia it is hardly unusual. This is more or less how real estate development works in areas where it is prohibited: in national parks, in health resort care areas, etc.

Now it is impossible to stay in Dunes resort. And that was where I grew up. I spent most of my childhood in children’s resorts nearby. This is how our officials preserve Russian nature and the holiday destinations for the citizens to go on vacation.

Below you can see the pictures of the resort, destroyed by the builders. The pictures are old, from the Soviet times. Enjoy.

Dunes holiday house

Entrance to the main building:

Dunes holiday house. Entrance to the main building.

Summer building 2:

Summer building 2

Stalls in front of the buildings:

Stalls in front of the buildings

The main building:

The main building

Café on the gulf shore:

Café on the gulf shore

Summer building 4:

Summer building 4

Restaurant interior:

Restaurant interior

Recreational area:

Recreational area

The beach:

The beach

The view of the main building from the restaurant:

The view of the main building from the restaurant

Cabins on the beach:

Cabins on the beach

Dancing pavilion:

Dancing pavilion