Gas price in Russia

Gas price in Russia

Below is a translated article from the official Russian website of ‘’OOO (LLC) Gazprom Mezhregiongaz’’. From this article you will find out how much Russians pay monthly for gas. The price in the article is an average, in general it depends on the region, but the differences are not considerable. In short, on average, one person who lives in a household and has a gas stove pays 60 rubles per month. I hope that this article will be useful to you.

Gas price in Russia

Count the money!

According to new changes to the law, it is obligatory to install a gas metering device (gas meter) in premises with consumption of more than 2 cubic metres of gas per hour.

In accordance with the amendments to the ‘’Russian Law on energy saving and enhancement of energy efficiency’’, the requirement for mandatory metering of gas consumption using gas meters applies to consumers using equipment with an installed capacity of more than 2 cubic meters per hour. An average natural gas consumption of 1.2 to 1.8 cubic metres per hour is achieved with a gas stove only.

Beneficial arithmetic

Gas for cooking and heating water is charged at the rate of 5.39 rubles per cubic meter. If you have a heating boiler, the cost per cubic meter of gas will be 5.36 rubles. If only a gas stove is used and there is no meter, the cost per person is 53.90 rubles per month. If a boiler, a water heater and a gas stove are installed, the amount rises to 160.80 rubles per month. If you have a column and a gas stove — the amount up to 161, 70 rubles per month.

Let’s take the example of an average family of 4 people in a house with a stove and a water heater. The norm is 30 cubic meters of gas per month for each of them. One cubic meter of gas now costs 5.39 rubles a month. It turns out that the average family of four requires 646.80 rubles of gas a month according to the standards. Customers who have a meter installed will now pay an average of 160 rubles for gas. If a family will pay 160 rubles according to the standard instead of 646.80 rubles according to the meter, they will save 486.80 rubles every month.

The cost of installing a household meter on an existing gas line including welding is 9,370 rubles on average. Divide this amount by the monthly savings. It turns out that the meter in this family will pay off in about a year and a half to two years.

It is worth considering that in the summer, city residents often go on vacation with their families. Accordingly, no one consumes gas in the apartment. If a meter is installed, the meter readings remain unchanged, the receipts for payment come with zero amounts. While vacationers who have not installed a meter pay each month according to the norm, regardless of whether they have used gas or not.

In addition, if you do not have a meter installed, the cost of paying for gas affects the number of people registered and people who actually live there. It is not uncommon for consumers to overpay for people who, according to the documents, live in the household but never actually happen to be there. If gas meters are installed, subscribers pay for the resources consumed regardless of the number of people who live in the apartment.