Vacation in Russia

Vacation in Russia

If you are planning Russian vacation, this article is just for you. I’ll try to dispel several myths about Russia and reveal some important information that may help you to save your health and even your life.

High expenses and unsanitary conditions,
Lack of security,
Is it worth going to Russia on vacation?

High expenses and unsanitary conditions

Contrary to popular myth, it is not cheap to go on holiday to Russia. You will have to spend on so-called “rest” there much more than on fine vacation in safe countries with fine infrastructure. Russians themselves usually try to travel abroad as they do not want to splash out on too expensive holiday in the South of Russia.

Another problem of many Russian resorts is unsanitary conditions. For instance, in Gelendzhik and Anapa, popular Russian resorts, sewage is discharged directly into the sea. One can feel the unpleasant smell at the beach, without even approaching the water. This problem has been dealt with, but no results have been reached.

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Do you feel like swimming in such kind of water? In this case you could go to India, to the Ganga river. There, at least, you have better chances to avoid being robbed or killed. Beware that Russia is far from being the safest country for tourists.

Lack of security

Many Russian people can’t be called law-abiding citizens. That is the cause of high criminal rate in Russia. Homicides, robberies, infringements against private property, insults, slander and other crimes are not rare in that country.

Besides, do you happen to know that nuclear waste repositories can be found in many places around Russia, even in the most unexpectable ones? Are you aware that terrorist attacks are also regular in Russia?

Moreover, it is not a rare thing that crimes are committed by those who are supposed to prevent them. I know that there were some cases of foreign tourists’ being robbed by Russian police officers. In addition, you should be aware that protecting your legitimate rights is a difficult, sometimes even impossible task.

Is it worth going to Russia on vacation?

Before leaving for Russia, you’d better think if you really need to go there. You can find a great number of beautiful spots in Russia but you can enjoy magnificent places in other countries as well.