Prices in Russia

Prices in Russia

Take a look at this selection of current prices of Russian goods and services. It will not only help you to find out the prices of bread and milk in Russia, but will also help you form a much more accurate picture of Russian price points.

All prices are presented in Russian currency — rubles. For reference:
1 US dollar = 74 Russian rubles
1 Euro = 88 Russian rubles
*as of 2/08/2020

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Prices in Russian cities

Generally prices tend to differ from region to region. Major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg register the lowest prices on food and other commodities. Perhaps the exceptions are the cities located on the Far North of the country — their prices often exceed the ones in Moscow at least ten times. The reason for this is a high level of competition and various levels of logistics’ development in particular regions.

Prices in Russia

However, when it comes to accommodation, the scenario is the opposite. Moscow registers the highest prices of both purchase and rental of real estate. The second place with the highest prices take cities like Vladivostok, St. Petersburg and Sochi. In most of the other Russian cities real estate prices are often several times lower than in the cities mentioned above.

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The fare for public transport is a whole different scenario. Its cost is a little higher in Moscow than in St. Petersburg and other cities. For instance, a single trip in the Moscow subway costs around 55 rubles, whereas the same trip in St. Petersburg costs 45 rubles.

Food prices in Russia

The prices for food present below are the typical low spectrum prices for major Russian chain stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In case you are willing to find out the average price of a particular product, increase the cost by 40% and you will get a close approximation.

Food prices in Russia

Sliced rye bread, 780 g — 37 rubles
Sliced white bread, 300 g — 14 rubles
Buckwheat, 1 kg — 40 rubles
Long-grain rice, 1 kg — 48 rubles
Оatmeal «Russian Product» Hercules traditional, 500 g — 34 rubles
Pasta (vermicelli), 450 g — 30 rubles
Milk, 2.8% fat, 1 l — 29 rubles
Cream, 10% fat, 480 g — 70 rubles
Milk shake Wimm Bill Dann «Miracle», 960 ml — 70 rubles
Condensed milk with sugar, 400 g — 40 rubles
Kefir, 2.5% fat, 500 g — 37 rubles
Glazed curds, 40-50 g — 31 rubles
Skim milk cheese, 180 g — 27 rubles
Sour cream, 20% fat, 315 g — 60 rubles
Butter, 82% fat, 180 g — 79 rubles
Cheese (from among cheap Russian cheeses), 1 kg — 250 rubles
Cheese Galbani Mozzarella 45%, 125 g — 89 rubles
A dozen big chicken eggs — 45 rubles
Chicken breast, 1 kg — 270 rubles
Whole broiler chicken, 1 kg — 124 rubles
Chilled turkey thigh, 1 kg — 249 rubles
Chilled chicken meatballs, 600 g — 119 rubles
Gutted chilled salmon, 1 kg — 850 rubles
Gutted frozen humpback salmon, 1 kg — 180 rubles
Gutted chilled rainbow trout, 1 kg — 419 rubles
Fresh-frozen royal shrimp, 1 kg — 399 rubles
Red caviar, 95 g — 169 rubles
Cream sausages, 585 g — 124 rubles
Milk sausages, 1 kg — 120 rubles
Cooked smoked cervelat, 1 kg — 254 rubles
Marinated tomatoes, 680 g — 70 rubles
Sunflower oil, 1 l — 70 rubles
Fruit and vegetable juice, 2 l — 80 rubles
Porous Milka chocolate porous, 97 g — 49 rubles
Tula gingerbread with caramelized milk, 140 g — 26 rubles
Sugar strawberry cookies Slodych, 100 g — 10 rubles
Chocolate bar Picnic with walnuts, 52 g — 30 rubles
Coca-Cola, 2 l — 97 rubles
Sugar, 1 kg — 36 rubles
Greenfield tea, pack of 20 bags — 60 rubles
Ceylon black tea Lumbini, weighed out, 28.5 g — 685 rubles
Parsley, package 50 g — 22 rubles
Dill, package 50 g — 22 rubles
Potatoes, 1 kg — 15 rubles
Carrots, 1 kg — 20 rubles
Beets, 1 kg — 18 rubles
Onion, 1 kg — 27 rubles
Garlic, 1 kg — 119 rubles
Apples, 1 kg — 60 rubles
Oranges, 1 kg — 40 rubles
Dried dates, 200 gr — 36 rubles

Clothing prices

Some clothing items like socks, T-shirts and underwear are cheaper to purchase in small private shops. It’s also less costly to purchase shoes in large chain stores.

Socks, 5 pairs — 100 rubles
One-color cotton T-shirt — 350 rubles
Men pants — 300 rubles
Men’s jeans — 2000 rubles

Prices for hygiene items

It’s much more affordable to purchase hygiene products in large supermarket chains. The cheapest napkins can be found in the “Carousel” shop.

Napkins, pack of 100 — 10 rubles
Dish soap, 1 package — 14 rubles
Washing powder, 3 kg — 439 rubles
Head & Shoulders shampoo, 200 ml — 140 rubles
Toothbrush — 25 rubles
Toothpaste, 100 ml — 100 rubles

Housing rental and rent

Rent of an apartment with furniture in St. Petersburg starts at 1000 rubles per day. The renting cost of a similar apartment in Moscow starts at 1500 rubles per day. The cost usually includes utility payments as well.

During winter months (when central heating is turned on), monthly utility payments for a one-room apartment of 45 square meters usually cost about 4,000 rubles. In the summer months monthly charges tend to be as low as 2,000 rubles. They do not include telephone, Internet, cable or satellite television bills — it costs extra amount of money.

Monthly payment for Internet services is about 250 rubles.


There is a possibility to book a bus tour in almost any language in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. In case you want to book a tour in English, there is no need to do so since they take place every day and a ticket costs around 1,500 rubles.

A theater ticket costs between 100 and 20,000 rubles.

A typical cinema ticket costs between 100 and 350 rubles.

You can visit the Hermitage (Winter Palace of St. Petersburg) for free every third Thursday of the month. However, do not forget that you will have to stand in the queue for about two hours in order to get in. The ticket price for foreign tourists is 600 rubles. Keep in mind that museum is closed on Mondays.

What to bring from Russia

Both Internet and printed publications have indeed an abundant amount of advice on what to bring from Russia. Stay tuned to find out my recommendations on what unique and useful items you can bring back to your country.

When you are in Russia, it is worth paying attention at the eco-products of the company “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. This company has a distinguishable quality of its products — a lot of them will not only help you improve your health and quality of life, but can also be a great gift. Although you can find this brand in various countries of the world, Russia has the lowest prices on the market.

Cedar oil

Product prices hugely vary depending on the intermediary. It means that some stores will have cheaper prices while others will have higher prices. More details about the products of the company “Ringing Cedars of Russia” and the store addresses can be found on the Internet.

Cedar oil enriched with 5 or 10% of cedar resin, 100 ml – between 890 and 1222 rubles
Cedar oil enriched with propolis, 100 ml — between 890 and 1222 rubles
Cedar oil enriched with sea buckthorn extract, 100 ml — between 890 and 1222 rubles
Cedar ground oilcake, 400 g — 300 rubles
Soap-scrub «Cedar» with cedar shells based on cedar oil, 80 g — 270 rubles
Soap-shampoo «Cedar» honey with decoction of taiga herbs based on cedar oil, 80 g — 270 rubles
Soap «Cedar» for shaving with resin of Siberian cedar and white clay, 80 g — 240 rubles
Toothpaste «Cedar» with cedar oil and cedar resin, 60 ml — 235 rubles
Toothpaste «Cedar» with essential oil of mint, 60 ml — 275 rubles
Pillow of cedar cone petals 50 x 60 cm — 1250 rubles
Pillow of cedar nut kernel pellicle 50 x 60 cm — 1950 rubles
Pillow of cedar filings 50 x 60 cm — 1100 rubles
Massage seat of the cedar cone petals 40 x 40 cm — 900 rubles
Cream-balm «Cedar» for the face daily, 30 ml — 595 rubles
Cream-balm «Cedar» for the face nocturnal, 30 ml — 595 rubles
Chewing gum of cedar resin, 4 pieces of 0.8 g — 40 rubles
Chewing gum of cedar resin with blueberries, 8 pieces of 0.8 g — 70 rubles
Elixir Cedar (a natural accelerator of oxygen in the body), 30 capsules — 5,000 rubles

You can also find other products represented in the dealer centers of the company “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. I would like to bring your attention to the goods containing honey in particular.

Items made of natural amber and semiprecious stones might also catch your attention. Note that they can be bought for relatively small sums of money away from touristic areas of the country. I strongly recommend to purchase them in stores and at yard sales. Stay away from buying them from street dealers!