Modern Russian tanks

Modern Russian tanks

The Soviet Union left Russia a huge number of tanks and talented designers, who every year modernize equipment to create a reliable basis for the striking power of the state ground forces. Russian tank building is constantly evolving. The basis of modern types of military vehicles are the most advanced scientific and technical achievements. In terms of tactical and technical parameters, the newest tanks of Russia considerably surpass the combat tank technology of previous generations. To date, the leading and most modern battle tanks of Russia are T-14 Armata, T-90, T-80BVM, T-95.

Armata: characteristics and features

The newest and, one can say, the main Russian battle tank weighing 48 tons with a deserted turret on the basis of the Armata universal tracked platform.


Activity on the construction of a combat vehicle was launched in 2010. The standardized heavy platform for the Armat cipher was developed by Uralvagonzavod for 2 years.

T-14 Armata tank is equipped with:

  1. Twenty-millimeter 2A82 gun with a smooth barrel and convenient digital control at long distances.
  2. Separate armored capsule with a crew, designed for 3 people who sit in a row. The capsule is located separately from the ammunition, thereby minimizing the risk of death of soldiers, even with a direct hit in the power plant and the ignition of the combat kit.
  3. 40 shells for various purposes, numerous machine guns and various sights, which are superior to counterparts.
  4. Diesel turbo piston engine with uptime of at least 2000 hours. In the future we plan to upgrade it.
  5. Modern protection complex.

In general, about the modern tank of Russia in 2019, one can say more: he does an excellent job with the functions of the target designator, the remote reconnaissance aircraft and the spotter.

T-90: Advanced T-72B Tank

The development of a combat vehicle began in the distant 80s, but to our time the layout of the T-90 has reached its peak of perfection.

So, the tank is equipped with:

  1. equipment for driving under water;
  2. the upper frontal part, located low, under a strong slope, which creates additional and reliable protection against fire;
  3. a tower with a mundane form and strong angles of inclination, thanks to which the machine is reliably protected from hitting shells.

Modern Russian tanks

It is worth noting that the T-90 for almost 4 decades passed 11 modifications. T-90 is only the first serial modification.

Further created:

  • T-90K with navigation equipment, additional connected;
  • T-90A with a powerful, compared with Soviet machines, engine, an innovative PPO system, instead of a welded turret;
  • T-90AK with an improved tactical control system;
  • T-90A with modern automatic charging, innovative protection of fuel tanks;
  • T-90S with embedded VDZ blocks instead of spotlights OTRA Curtain;
  • T-90SK (commander model, analogue of T-90S);
  • T-90CA with a cooling equipment system, as well as a system for seeing in the evening and at night and a modified version of the detection of radiation by a laser;
  • T-90 SKA with tactical combat control system «T-BMS»;
  • T-90AM with the latest combat module instead of an outdated turret, modernized with a cannon, additional installations for better mobility and turns;
  • T-90SM (created for export, prototype of the T-90AM tank).

Many experts note that the T-90 is the main advanced tank vehicle in the world today.

T-80BVM: old technology with modern capabilities

This model is called the «eighty-second life». The old T-80 tank has undergone significant changes in both internal and external parts over several decades.

Modern Russian tanks

Tank features:

  1. Gas turbine heat engine with a maximum capacity of up to 1,250 liters. with. Such an engine increases the mobility of vehicles and its driving characteristics.
  2. New weapons control tools: “Pine-U” with a laser rangefinder, sights for the commander and gunner with day-night channels.
  3. The sides of the turret and hull, as well as the frontal part, are equipped with dynamic protection modules. The back of the case is protected by lattice screens.

It is worth noting that dynamic protection has radically changed the appearance of etechnology. This is undoubtedly an innovative breakthrough, since such a machine has become similar to the innovative version of the T-09.

Do Russian tanks have a future?

T-14 Armata, T-90, T-80BVM, T-95 have undergone many changes. Because of this, they have become highly mobile, heavily armored. booms with a progressive fire control system, a powerful tool.

The tanks in the past few decades have become sensitive enough for hand-held rocket launchers and anti-tank missile systems. But despite this feature, it is not worth to write off this technique, since it is the main one in absolutely any land and strategic operation.

Today, when developing tanks, the main focus is on enhancing armor, improving aiming devices and equipping vehicles with modern means of communication. How successful this activity is with Russian design scientists can only be shown by testing their creations in a battle setting.

Further improvement of the latest models is also planned, although the tanks have been “buried” more than once. In the future, in the creation of tanks are going to use artificial intelligence, modern computer technology, satellite communication systems.