Russian police

Russian police

General information

The Russian police is an integral part of the unified centralized system of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Included in the federal bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The approximate number of employees of various departments included in the structure of the Russian police is 750000 people.

The President of the Russian Federation directly or through the Minister of internal Affairs, the heads of territorial bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the heads of police units exercise control over the activities of the police within their competence.

What is Russian police inherently

Federal Law No. 3 «on the police» of February 7, 2011 states that the police are meant to protect the life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens and stateless persons; to counter crime, protect public order, property and to ensure public safety.

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In reality, the situation is somewhat different. So in today’s Russia, the police often acts as an instrument of the Russian authorities, used for the most severe suppression of liberty of speech, other rights and freedoms of residents. Of course, we can face it in other countries. But you probably do not know what kind of horror you can face in Russia, of course, if you have never lived here, and at the same time this is the the order of the day in it.

For example, if you carelessly speak out on topics such as «Crimea» and «Syria» in Russia, you can put on trial. And this is not a theory, there were quite a lot of such cases in recent years (available at the time of writing of this article). Yes, you are right: law enforcement agencies often open criminal cases for publicly speaking the truth, which is inconvenient for the Russian authorities. In fairness, I note the fact that from 2018 it is possible for the first time to get off with an administrative offense.

However, Russians are usually afraid of the Russian police not because of the infringement of «liberty of speech». The fear of the Russian police among many Russians is based on the understanding of the following fact: the average Russian is practically not protected from any criminal actions by the policemen. The law in Russia exists, but it is almost impossible to achieve the protection of your rights under the law, especially in cases where the disturbers of your rights are the policemen.

So in Russia, the procedure for accusing law-abiding citizens of crimes that they did not commit is put on stream. This is often used by police and authorities for political and commercial purposes, as well as for successful promotion. At the same time it is necessary to understand how confessions are beaten out and what is happening in Russian prisons. A Russian prison is not a Swedish prison. In a Russian prison, the staff will do anything to you, and I’m not talking about torture yet.

Do not forget that many get a job in the police in order to earn money by any means, including criminal (using their official position).

On this I, perhaps, and will conclude this article. As an afterword, I will say only one thing: here I have stated only the bare minimum. In reality, the situation with the police in Russia is much worse than you can imagine.