Gelendzhik is a beautiful and available resort, one of the most popular in the country. It is located at the Caucasian mountains on the shore of the turquoise bay, which color could rival the famous Caribbean Sea. The distance to Novorossiysk amounts 25 km. There are beautiful ridge and tender sea. The feedbacks about Gelendzhik are full of admiration and positive impressions!


By the way, Gelendzhik resort is considered to be a budget option for people who admire the charm of antiquity. This city has a millennium history: it remembers the times of being a Greek colony, the port of Byzantine, where romans came from Eternal city. Furthermore, Gelendzhik has had time to be the Genoa harbor, grounds of Ottoman Empire, and territory of Russian fort. Actually, the last one formed this city.

Gelendzhik Holidays

Here is a rich cultural formation! It is one of the most ancient resorts of the Black Sea (since 1907), which still attracts millions of tourists.

Its location is almost perfect. It is amusing that the inlet adjacent looks like a horseshoe. For good luck! The relief of the area is gentle. The Sea of Gelendzhik is very clean with a good condition of minerals. The bathing season is opened from June till October.

The city is sunny and warm: there are approximately 160 sunny days per year. The ridge protects Gelendzhik against strong winds. There is maximum +4 degrees in the winter.

On its own, Gelendzhik is not big: only 70 thousand people. It is even an advantage that allows the town to be cozy and to possess a well-developed infrastructure. It won Russian competitions of the best resort several times. One of the most visible proofs of its improvement is the Promenade of Gelendzhik.

Usually people come here in order to cure. There are about 40 sanatoriums working here, it is not a surprise because of 20 kinds of mineral water. Moreover, here you can try the Taman treatment with mineral mud.

Gelendzhik is called a climate resort. But if you need a real treatment of the Black Sea, visit it from January to March: you will get minimum winds and adorable housing prices.

Strictly speaking, the resort is formed not just by town (usually named Big), but countryside and seven smaller towns, where you can travel by public transport (buses and shuttles) or by taxi.

Gelendzhik Beaches are one of the most important places of interest and a real business card of Black Sea seaside. Coastline accounts for 100 km. There are a lot of different beaches: from sand to pebble one. The most comfortable of them are located on the side of Novorossiysk and Arhipo-Osipovki. “Notnikel” is considered to be the best one, so it is usually full of tourists. You can go to “Nornikel”, where you can find a comfortable downhill and paid parking.

Things to do in Gelendzhik (besides swimming)?

The most adrenaline entertainments of resort are diving and jeep riding.

There is also “Olimp” park with a huge Ferris wheel. You will get on the top by the cableway and spend your day usefulness: fishing, picnics and even bath-house. Don’t forget about the tradition to ride quad bikes.

Even if you are an admirer of museums, you will not be bored in Gelendzhik. The city encloses for your consideration an unusual museum of bread and vine, museum of retro-cars and an “Old Park”.

Generally, Gelendzhik holiday will surely go to the jar of your best memoirs.